Wednesday, March 18, 2009

updates and some pictures too

I feel like things have been flowing about ten miles a minute. Luci got sick two weeks ago. We ended up at Riley about 1am because she was coughing and wheezing and just wasn't breathing very well. They kept us for a while, but eventually let us come home. They diagnosed her with bronchiolitis, an infection in the lungs. It is usually caused by RSV, though it didn't last as long as they said it could, so I am not convinced her's was. I am just glad she is better now. She goes to the doctor on Friday for her 2 month well check. Surely it's not really time for that already?
Simeon is doing well. We thought yesterday that he might be getting sick, but today he seems fine. I am thankful that he doesn't get sick often since we have to go in for IV's if he gets sick and won't eat. I know it will probably happen at least once, but so glad it's not a regular thing. I think Simeon misses preschool. He is so laid back and just hangs by himself. I like that he's so imaginative and can entertain himself, but now I am worrying that he doesn't have enough interaction with other kids. It's like he's bored all the time and I can only entertain him so much when I've got a vampire baby constantly wanting me. If he were 20 I would call him lazy. Like today, he wanted to watch Imagination Movers rather than go outside to play. He actually got mad that I made him play outside all morning. Yeah right. It's spring now buddy, Imagination movers is a rainy day special.I took Alice to the doctor yesterday. Lucky me. You'll never guess what's wrong with her. Yep, another double ear infection. It's almost like they talk about it and just can't be infected seperately. Or one ear gets jealous of the attention the other gets by being infected. Like if the left ear starts to build up some bacteria, the right ear just can't stand it and goes out searching for some bacteria to let move in. I am sure that's what happens. At what point does amoxicillian just stop working to fight this chronic condition? We left with an ENT referral for tubes, so maybe it won't be so chronic anymore...
Let's see, the only one left to talk about is Sophia and I'm going to be honest. I got nothing. She's happy, healthy and wild as always. She's still loving kindergarten and I'm still loving the quiet mornings with her at kindergarten. :) We are still in the application process of the Oaks Academy. I think all we have left to do is the parent interview and if the admissions lady and I would stop playing phone tag, it might actually happen soon. I have no idea what to expect, and just pray we don't screw it up. I will sell a kidney on the black market to be able to pay the tuition to this school if I need to.

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Nathan, Amanda, Violet, Anara, and Edison said...

Poor Luci. I hate the whole breathing/coughing thing. Violet's letter from the pulmonologist said croupe possible pertussis ???? Possibly whooping cough? What?! She is actually better. Anara has a fever today and Eddie is still coughing and keeping me up at night. I might lose my mind soon.