Sunday, November 16, 2008


I think once you have children getting a normal week is like asking for someone to just hand you a million dollars. However, my children got a memo to take this to an extreme like no other. Things are always crazy. That's just how it is supposed to be. I have three kids. I know this. But why, why, why does something always have to keep me worried and on my toes? Why can't we just have the normal chaos of finding tennis shoes and keeping the house kinda clean? I am by nature one who worries about everything. I cannot help it, it's just how I am. So is it one big joke that something always seems to be wrong with someone in my family? Simeon had another hypoglycemic attack yesterday out of the blue. This hasn't happened but once before, a little over a year ago. Luckily I knew what it was this time, but it's still scary. We were at the store and he started acting really wierd. He got red and clammy. He was sweating so much it looked like we dumped a bucket of water on his head. He was unresponsive and acted like he would pass out at any given second. I had just finished paying for the groceries so Jake went and bought him some orange juice while I took the girls to the car. It seemed to take forever for the juice to take effect. I sat in the back with him so I could watch him as we drove home. I really wanted to take him to the ER, but I knew that all he needed was sugar and to be monitored to make sure he was fine. I was tryign to force myself not to overreact. About the time we got home he was acting pretty normal again. It's so bizzare. You don't hear of hypoglygemia outside of diabetes but very rarely. Everything I read said it's almost sure to be a sign of endocrine issues when not related to diabetes. I don't know if this means there are simple tests we can have done or what. I don't know how his doctor will be able to make a diagnosis for something that so far has happened once a year. I am worried that something has been manifesting itself inside of him all this time and will start to show more as it is progressing. Who knows. I will call the doctor tomorrow and we will see what to do next. All I know is at Riley last year they blew it off like it was no big deal and now it's happened again. His sugar was at 21 (normal being 70-100) and noone could give me an answer why. I know it's been a while, but something is obviously causing this, it doesn't just happen to normal regular healthy people.

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