Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ear Woes

Alice has another ear infection. Like the others though, hardly a symptom. Just a bunch of goo coming out of her ear. Oh, and who doesn't love matted down ear-goo'd hair? She acts like nothing is wrong with her. When I had that double ear infection not too long ago it didn't really hurt. It was mostly annoying, like I couldn't hear very well and it was frustrating. Maybe when my kids get them, they just don't hurt either. I am not complaining a whole lot, cranky kids aren't exactly fun, it's just odd. I am not really feeling the whole diarrhea thing either. I could definitely do without that. Diapers are one thing I am not ever going to miss once they are gone. Of course, that will be FOREVER from now, but I can dream right?

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