Sunday, October 5, 2008

I started on Sophia's halloween costume yesterday. I cannot believe I only have a couple of weeks to get them all finished. I better get moving. I couldn't talk her out of being a princess, so she is going as a princess, like 5,000 other little girls out there. Oh well, what can you do? Simeon is set on being a pirate and I don't know for Alice yet. I keep trying to get Sim to be a prince, but he is pretty determined to be a pirate. Eh, themed halloweens aren't all they're cracked up to be anyway right? My favorite part is getting Jacob to dress up too, so it's not worth the fight anyway since he isn't part of it. Him as swiper the fox... priceless.

I am starting to brainstorm about Christmas too. I can't believe it's already that time of year! So far I think I am going to make the kids an outfit and pajamas, like I do every year. I am going to make the girls a doll playset. Diaper bag, diapers, couple of outfits and a doll quilt. They're easy to do and quick. I would really like to make Alice a doll too. She loves babies. Do you think she'll still love babies in February? I have no idea what to do for Simeon. Boys are so much harder. (maybe a good reason to be happy with another girl??) I don't know what to do for my brother either. Boys are hard, but teenage boys are the worst. Any ideas out there?

We got my check from school yesterday. Earlier than I expected. We'll be able to pay off our washer and dryer and I am so excited. Other than the part about still not being able to use the dryer and all. Big huge thank you to my far away in-laws for their washer and dryer. It's been a blessing in disguise. Especially this weekend, as I am almost caught up... kinda. Laundry has gotten out of control with me always being gone. I hung some things on the line yesterday and it's just getting too cold, or less sunny, one. Oh well, we'll figure it out, as we always do. The luxaries of being big boys and girls. :)

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Mike and Lisa Bowling said...

Sophia will make a wonderful princess, she is already. Simeon is perfect for a pirate, he already makes that pirate noise. We'll be home in less than a week now. Can't believe it. You can still use the washer and dryer.