Thursday, October 2, 2008

22 Weeks

Today marks week 22 of pregnancy. Most days it seems like it is going too slow, but others I cannot believe it's been this long already. She will be here before we know it. I tried to take some pictures last night on my piece-o-crap camera, but none of them turned out very well. I adjusted the lighting and this was the best I could do. It's better than nothing. I feel like a cow most of the time. Sadly, I know I have many more inches to grow before I am done, so I might as well get over it. I don't mind it too much really, and actually I have only gained 4 pounds since the beginning so I can't complain too much. I just inherited some lovely winter maternity clothes from a brand new mom of two. After this morning, it looks like I will be needing them. I love fall. Cool weather, so perfect. I am dreading winter coming, but I guess it will come whether I want it to or not. I've never been pregnant through the winter like this, it will be weird having a snow baby. I will have to start sorting through things and gathering up blankets and sleepers. I know it's early, but with the little time I have, if I start now I might have things ready for her when she comes. :)

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Mike and Lisa Bowling said...

Look at you! I can tell a wonderful difference since we left... I can't wait to have a new granddaughter. You know me, the one who wanted a girl everytime. We miss you guys terribly. Mike has laughed and laughed about Simeons comment on our blog. He say it over and over in the Simeon voice. Better go, moving today. Love to all