Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little Miss Alice

Alice had a lovely time at the church retreat with her Papaw.

Just a couple random pictures I took at daycare today.

I just plugged in my camera to pull off the pictures I took today and it is broken. Somewhere between just before 12 and now, the screen got cracked. It never left my bag. The same exact spot it has been in for like a month except when I am using it. It's ruined and there's nothing I can do about it. I just want to cry. I feel like I can never have anything nice. We bought the warranty, but I was reading through it and it doesn't cover anything accidental. It looks like it was dropped, even though it wasn't. I will call, but I am very frustrated about the whole thing. Maybe I will get lucky. It's still taking pictures, you just can't look at them at all. Also, you can't see what you're taking a picture of, because there isn't a view finder, just a large screen. Ugh. I love this camera. I hate to be upset over something so materialistic, but I am.

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Wendee said...

I would be upset to! My camera is my life! lol I love taking pictures of my babies. I lent my camera to my cousin for a week and was *lost* without it!

If you cant afford a NEW camera, try a pawn shop. My husband used to work in one and got ours for $75, and its nice one.