Friday, September 5, 2008

Discussions over cereal - The best kind really

After breakfast this morning I sat on the floor in the dining room to change Alice's very wet diaper. Simeon, who is still at the table eating breakfast says to me, "mom Alice has a Bah-gina." Yes, yes she does Simeon. "and I have a penis." Well good thing we cleared that up.

After a few minutes, "Boys don't pee in their diaper." 'well big boys don't pee in their diaper. Where do they potty Sim?' "They go pee in their underwear" *insert laughing by funniest boy ever here* 'Sim, where do big boys go potty?' "In the toilet," said in a very 13-year-old sarcastic ok-mom-I-was-just-kidding-anyway-geez voice.

Today is my day off and with Sophia safely off to Kindergarten via my sister, I am going to clean. Whoo hooo! Isn't it every mom's fantasy to clean her house on her day off? After being gone all last weekend, nothing has recovered yet. We still have a suitcase in the dining room, which now looks like it is vomiting clothes onto the floor because we've gone through it looking for what is probably the only clean clothes we have left to our names. There's still a bag of kids things is the living room, looking oddly similar. As much as I have loved the "color weeks" the last two weeks in Kindergarten, I will be glad to throw Sophia in whatever clean clothes she has at the top of the pile in the mornings.

I am still bitter about my camera. I was going to start taking belly pictures this week. I know you are all dying to see them! Of course not, but I like to have them. I am 18 weeks and pretty much half way there. I can hardly believe it, but this belly in front of me reminds me often as it grows rapidly. This is one of my favorite pictures from when I was pregnant with Alice.

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Nathan, Amanda, Violet and Anara said...

Okay, since I love this picture so much I tried to replicate - yuck. It didn't turn out at all. It's blurry and you definitely can't tell it a belly. I might try again sometime. Sorry about your camera.