Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a week!

My most recent attempt at a picture of all three kids didn't fair too well. I think I should get credit for trying though. Alice doesn't like anyone near her unless it is on her terms and so this is what she looks like in just about every picture I took.

We used to laugh about Sophia when she was about the same age. She and Miriam would play together and she would cry. Jeni would immediately think poor Miriam had done something to her, but I would laugh and say she must have breathed in Sophie's air. Alice is proving to be much more like her big sister every day.

This has been a quite eventful week for us here at the Bowling household. I started working at the Daycare again on Monday morning. It is a good change for us all. I can work only mornings and see my children throughout the day and spend my evenings with them for now. I can see all of the people I love and was starting to feel disconnected from. I am working in the nursery, which is an adjustment a little, but once I get used to it and the routines of all the wee ones, we'll be in good shape.

Also, Monday morning Sophia started her very first day of Kindergarten.

Technically, she won't be five until September, but she is starting at the daycare and then she will start next year at the school we decide to send her to with her "official" kindergarten. I think she is more than ready (and only misses her cutoff by 11 days) so we knew she'd be fine with a jump start into kindergarten at the daycare.

Here she is with her class right before they went into the class for the first time (top) and at lunch time (bottom)

I start school on Monday evening and will be taking on my usual full time schedule. I have class every weekday evening until about 10. Should be an exciting time full of Physiology and Microbiology. I am also taking Spanish in hopes that with all the spanish I have had, I might actually be able to kinda speak it some day. I figured it will really help in the nursing world and in the other parts of my world too more than likely. I also found out some exciting news today with my financial aid. I am getting way more than I anticipated which is always a good thing. I went last Friday (talk about last minute) and finally completed all that I needed to to get it in order before the semester. I have been checking it everyday to see of it was posted so that I could go and get my books. They had a little note on the website that said the Indiana grants hadn't been posted yet and they'd let us know when they were. I still wasn't aware of any other aid and realized that I should have gotten more and I wasn't going to have enough for my books. Last night it still hadn't been posted. I knew I had to get my books tomorrow, more than likely, and so I was getting nervous. It was my fault I didn't do it sooner so what could I say really. Well I checked it when I got home from work today and the Indiana grants still haven't been posted, but I got a $4700 Federal Pell Grant this year. How awesome is that. I get back every penny that I don't use per semester on tuition and books and I am always used to getting some back, but my grants have never been that big before. I got $7200 in aid for the whole year. Awesome.

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