Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium Tour

Sometime mid-July I went downtown to Conseco Field House and stood in line for an hour. I did this for free tickets to a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium today. It's what I got for Jacob for our anniversary this year. I am cheap what can I say. It was fun, but I daresay I was not as impressed as I thought I should have been. It was nice and new and pretty, just not as magnificent as the media would have you to believe. I mean I don't know what I expected. I knew the archways would not be made of pure gold and they wouldn't be serving filet mignon in the consessions. It's like they get you all hyped up for something and then you're all like 'this is it?' I think I still like conseco fieldhouse better. Lucas Oil was a powerhouse of advertisements. All the people who pay the big bucks to get their name all over the building. Well they got their monies worth. Their names are ALL OVER the building. I hope they will put more colts things around the building and less Hunington Bank and Sprint. I know the team has only been here 24 years, but I am sure they can find some history in those 24 years to plaster in some frames and stick on the wall in place of the 200th Sprint advertisment. I will say that we only got to see one level and then went to the field and locker room area, but I doubt the other floors were much different. 20,000 tickets a tour was probably a bit much. It was really really crowded because they wouldn't let you into the seat area except in one section. Being 4'11" I couldn't see as much as some of the taller 10,000 people in front of me at all times. The field was the coolest part by far. The turf was WAY weird. It felt awful and I can't imagine being tackled onto it. I had trouble sitting on it for two seconds while Jake took my picture. The day really was fun though, but I am seriously beat. My knees hurt from all the walking and I have never been more ready for bed at 8:30 in my life.

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