Wednesday, August 27, 2008

17 Weeks

Had an appointment today. Whoo. Nothing too exciting. Still pregnant. I actually lost some weight, so my total weight gain thus far is -1 pounds. Yippie! We scheduled the only thing I really cared about at all today, my ultrasound. I will (hopefully) know in two weeks what this little bean is. My u/s is at 9am on Sophia's birthday (9/12.) I am going to take her along with us when we go. I think she will really enjoy getting to see the baby, and especially seeing if it is a brother or sister. She says it is a brother, but Simeon says it is a sister. I guess we will see.

My first couple days of classes have gone good. I like my teachers and it seems like it will be relatively easy to get through. The only class I haven't gone to yet is Espanol. It is on Friday night. What a way to spend my next 17 Friday evenings right?

Our All-Church retreat is this weekend. I am a little excited. It's nice to get away, but on the other hand, I'm not a huge fan of the whole weekend of closed quarters. Too many people and no way to get away. Also, with kids it's almost impossible to relax. I am always afraid they're going to get lost. I know, I'm psycho. I can't help it. Throw in that Jacob is gone all Saturday playing softball and the weekend is almost always a blast.

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