Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Expected and The Unexpected

Last weekend I had to leave work early because I started having some cramping. It was low and freaked me out. I called my midwife, but couldn't get ahold of her (turns out she was out of town.) It would come and go whenever I did much of anything. I was trying to ignore it, but it was hard at times. I finally went to the hospital just to get peace of mind, if nothing else. That's exactly what I got. They did an ultrasound there in the ER and the baby looked perfect. Tiny little beating heart. Eased my mind. I have never had an u/s so early. They are just amazing. Babies are amazing. They also tested for a UTI and that was normal. They really couldn't tell me anything else. He said if it got worse or I started bleeding, then I should call my doctor and/or come back. It's possible that I pulled something, or just over did it at work. The doctor gave me three days to "take it easy," as he put it. When I went back on Wednesday I was still sore, but not bad. I am just glad that everything was fine with the tiny little bean.

On Thursday we closed on our new house. Wow. We spent all Thursday evening, well into Friday morning, painting. Jacob had blisters on his hands. We primed and painted the dining room, Sophia and Alice's room, Simeon's room, and our bedroom. They all turned out so pretty. The trim and crown moulding in the house is all dark hardwood. It's just beautiful. Words cannot describe. We are still unpacking, and moving stuff from the old house. It's like a never ending battle. I will get some pictures up when everything is settled down around here.

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