Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Internet has been down for a few days since the first storm. I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but miraculously it started working again last night. I am pathetic. I cannot function without my computer. I had to go to the church to pay my bills yesterday. Oh how did people manage to write checks and get postage. It's just so ancient. Ha.

We bought a house. We bought a house that we haven't even seen the inside of. Weird right? We were going to purchase a house next to Joe and Mary and then just as the gears started to roll, the dreamiest house on the planet became a glimmer in the night. A house we thought would sell for $100,000. When we said we were going to move and really meant it, we said "hey what about Jake and Sarah's house." Then we all laughed hysterically and starting talking more realistically. Somehow, last week, Jack and Sarah's house became realistic. Jack and Sarah's house, somehow, will become known as Jake and Kendra's house. I laugh to myself. I told Jake that we will probably live there for months before we stop referring to it as Jack and Sarah's house. People will say, "where do you live?" I can only hope I don't say, "In Jack and Sarah's house." Jack and Sarah were such sweet people. Jacob joked with them on many occasions how he wanted them to leave their house to him when they died. Of course, we never dreamed they would both die so young, so close. We never dreamed their children, who they of course actually left their house to, would decide to sell it for so much cheaper than they could have. It is all a strange timing of events and a situation I am sure only one person could be in control of. Someone I have a personal relationship with, but have never truly seen. Seems to be the theme here...

So far the only thing that says I am pregnant is the second line on the pregnancy test. I feel awesome considering. Ever so often I feel a little nauseous, but mostly I feel great. Sorry Amanda. I have such easy pregnancies. It's really not fair. It hasn't ever been quite this easy though. The closest would be with Simeon, I was barely sick with him, but definitely more so than now. Maybe I will get that second boy I am dreaming of.

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