Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playing Catch-Up - With a side of pictures

I have been busy busy. I've been working a lot and still trying to get my house in some kind of order. The verdict is still out, but I think we are leaning way towards moving to Dearborn Street. I would just really like to look at the houses still though and since we haven't yet I cannot decide. I would really like to add on to our house, but Jake thinks it will cost too much. He's probably right. Hmmm.
The kids are still loving Sophia's bunk bed. This picture is from the night we set them up. It cracks me up

Ortiz is doing well. We just started our second round of puppy school this past weekend. He is starting to get "sit." If he could learn "don't chew on my stuff" I would be really happy.

The kids have been enjoying the sunshine the last couple of days. They love playing outside and I love the fact that they aren't bugging me for another episode of Jacob Two-Two. Here's a picture of Simeon from a random warm day in March. I tried to take a few, but the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't look at me for any of them.

Like father, like daughter... Should I be worried?

Today the kids got to paint their terra cotta pots I got them. Sophia really, really would like to plant a big garden. I figured we would start with a potted plant. I would like to plant some tomatoes and cucumbers, but if we move, then I would have to move those and I don't wanna. Also, Sophia cannot have her own garden, because I don't want to take care of a garden and that is what would happen. They had fun painting the pots and I am going to buy some flowers for them soon. I got them cute little watering cans and Sophia can water her flower everyday.

A few days ago we made cookies on my day off. They had a blast making them and then eating them. :) Sophia held the mixer all by herself. She was pretty proud.

Simeon enjoyed licking the beater.

I let Alice have one of the last ones from the mix in the bowl that was scraped out with no chocolate chips. She was just as pleased as those of us with chocolate chips.

I explained to her how lucky she was that she recieved this cookie at 10 months old. I didn't even want to give Sophia cake at her first birthday party. Oh how things change the more kids you have. I am pretty sure I should stop soon or my last baby might come out sucking a bottle of sugar. Of course I am just kidding and Alice has had one cookie her entire short life.

These are the cookies they picked to eat.

Last, but not least. Jacob had a blood check on Monday. His count was at 225. Whoo hoo! Success. He only has to go every 6 weeks now, and he doesn't have to see his actual doctor again until May. I am so happy that nightmare is starting to get far behind us. So far this month we've been a rather healthy family. Let's pray it stays that way. :)

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