Saturday, March 29, 2008

I feel like life is flying by now that I am so busy. I just read my blog before last and I thought to myself - so much has happened since then I don't even know where to start.

Easter was awesome. The girls looked so cute in their matchy matchy dresses and hand mama made sweaters. I stayed up until 3:30am Sunday morning finishing Sophia's. I was tired at Easter breakfast. They loved the egg hunt at Mamaw's and they got a cool bubble blower and some other neat summer things. I got to eat about 30,000 Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, and am now no longer the biggest loser. Just kidding. We bought the kids bicycle helmets and pad for their easter basket gift and then forgot to give them to them. I remembered while walking down the clearance aisle at Walmart a couple days ago. The helmets are still in the back of our van in the bag. Ha! I'm a real dope sometimes. I think I will wait and give them when we take our first family bike ride now. It will be a special summer surprise and they'll never know the difference.

Work is going well. I like the job, it's easy and the people are easy to get along with. I'm pretty anal about how I think things should be just perfect though, so all the people in my department annoy me 80% of the time. Part of me really is just anal, but part of it is all of them really don't do things right and it's frustrating doing all my work for the day and fixing others' mistakes too. Oh well, that's life I suppose.

We had two flat tires this week. Nails both times. There was suspicion that someone might be putting nails in people's tires since Pete had a flat with 5 nails in it. I haven't driven down the alley since though, just in case.

I got a new phone this week. We decided to add a line for the house since my sister was home alone all day with my kids and we had no way to check in and she had no way to call anyone if something happened. I kept the new line and left my old number as the house phone since most people have that number anyway. If you want my new cell number, let me know. My phone is awesome and it's green and it's completely awesome. It makes me want to text though, and I have no one to text. I think the keyboard is feeling a bit left out. I downloaded two Chris Tomlin songs as my ringers last night. Jacob kindly informed me that having all Christian ringtones doesn't infact my me a better Christian. Darn. I was looking for the one way ticket to heaven.
We now know that we will either purchase a house on Dearborn or another house here on this street. The church is going to buy our house. I am SO torn between the two houses. We can afford the Dearborn house better and it would be nice to live by the rest of the ol' family. On the other hand, I like this street and the people on it are just as much our family in my opinion. Also, who wouldn't love a brand spanking new house even if it is on the near eastside. :) I am being selfish and materialistic and I know it shouldn't play in our decision, but the deck off the attic is too awesome to not consider that being my bedroom! I wish everything in life were simple. I wish we could just wave a magic wand and the clouds would part and God would look down and say, "Jake and Kendra, you should do this. I will make it as easy as possible. Good Luck." Ahh, if only...

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