Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am in a really foul mood. I took my test for school today and did less than perfect. Way less than perfect. I actually did do perfect on the english and reading parts, but BOMBED on the science. Jacob reminded me that I have not yet taken any science except for ANP, and there were two anatomy questions in the whole section. It was mostly chemistry, which is exactly what I was dreading. I don't like chemistry and I am not good at it. My chemistry experience consists of Jacob bringing an entire box of Little Debbies to first period and then all of us goofing off. He likes to remind me how we did pretty much the exact same work, when we did work, and then he got an A and I got a B. That was junior year and even if I had learned anything, I doubt I would remember it right now. Oh well. I just registered for ANP 201, Microbiology and Spanish. I really can't wait to get back into school, but I am nervous about the course load I am taking on next semester. I guess I will worry about it in August when it's time to start.

Our computer is dead. I am using Jordan's laptop right now. I don't know what is wrong with ours, but Bill thinks he might be able to fix it. He said he can wipe the hard drive clean, which means we will lose everything that is on it. I have most of my pictures on CDs but not all of them and so it sucks that I will lose them, but I guess it's better than losing the whole computer.

Jacob and I are looking at a house on Monday evening. It is about a mile south from where we are now. It is a huge 5 bedroom house with 4 bathrooms. They want 35,000 for it, which I don't think is terrible, but we also haven't seen the inside yet. I am not all that excited about moving, but I am excited about looking at this house, even if we don't buy it. Last night we got the last of the beds moved and put together. Who knows, maybe this new arrangement will work for a while. Until we have another baby and we have to crowd another kid into the mix. Sophia was so excited about her bunk bed and I was so excited to not wake up with three kids in my bed. Once everything is a little... well A LOT cleaner I will get some pictures up of the new rooms.

Work is going good. My last day at daycare was last Friday and I started days at Walmart this week. I like working in the mornings, but only because I get off at three. Getting there at six in the morning stinks! I feel like I am doing a pretty good job and I like feeling productive, even if it is stocking pork chops for the most evil company in the world.

Alice is ten months old next week and I cannot believe it. What happened to my baby. She is crawling and getting into things. She ate so much stuff off the floor we finally bought the vacuum cleaner I've wanted for two years now. It's awesome by the way. She pulls up and stands on the side of her crib and cries for me in the morning. There used to be a hope that she would fall back to sleep, but she doesn't have a chance now that she stands up. She is also being supplemented with formula since I am gone so long and that hurts. I hate that my milk is diminishing each time she nurses less and less. She is taking a bottle well though as long as I am not there to try and give it to her. I nursed Simeon to ten months and then made the hard choice to stop and take medicine instead. I feel like I am stuck again with a hard choice between what I want and what is best for our family. I will continue to nurse her morning and evenings as long as there is milk there and that's all I can do. Maybe my last baby will get to enjoy mama's fine milk for a full twelve months.

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Dave Price said...

Hey Kendra,

If you need any help with the sciences let me know. I was a biology major in college and had two years of Chemistry, so i might be able to help a little.

Don't forget to remind me about the house on Monday.