Friday, February 29, 2008


"Dr. Strate... you... make... my...penis feel... better? It's right here (as he points to his penis)"

This is what my son said to his doctor on Tuesday morning when I took him in after many complaints that his penis hurt. They did a urinalysis, but didn't find anything. The doctor told me just to call if things got worse, they didn't see any obvious reason why it was hurting. So yesterday Sim woke up with a fever. I figured he got the virus that everyone else had, but now he was complaining that his penis hurt and pointing very directly to his lower right part of his abdomen. I thought it was weird that he had such a specific location of pain. Well I went and worked at daycare and when I got home he was still really, really hot and so I finally took his temp so I could call the doc. I rarely ever actually take a temp, because a) I can usually tell by touching my kid if they have a fever, and b) it's not as if a themometer is the easiest thing to find in my house. So anyway, his temp was 104.4 and I spoke directly with his doctor who wanted me to take him to the ER and make sure we weren't missing anything. I sat at Riley for about 6 hours. His temp came down to about 101 with Tylenol and he said nothing hurt when the doctors and myself asked. He started acting a lot better and so all they did was another urinalysis. I spent 6 hours at the ER to get a test that we already did two days prior. I had to call into work, which I hated doing and turned out he was perfectly fine, except for the fever and throwing up right before we left. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that he's fine, but I just am SO SICK to death of doctors and hospitals. We will never be out from under bills at this rate no matter how long I work at Walmart.

I went to the required nursing information session last week sometime. It was boring and I knew everything already because I actually care about the program and have looked into it a little. They talked about things that you can read right on the website. It was pointless really, unless you had specific questions, but oh well. I am gearing up to take the TEAS. I am SO incredibly nervous. It's only the most important thing I have had to do in school since, um... pass the GQE I guess, I don't know. I want to get into the nursing program so so so bad on the first try that I will be so devastated if I don't get in. It will give me time to take Microbiology and my third ANP, but I will still be devestated. The deadline is April 1st and letters go out on May 30th. Look for a very happy, or very sad, blog Mid-June!

I am so exhausted from working so much. I know it will be worth it when we can pay down stuff, but it doesn't seem worth it right now. I am tired all the time. I barely have time to breathe. I guess once I stop working at Daycare then it won't be so bad, but going to work at 11 and not getting home until 10 (or later since my husband never picks me up on time) it sucks. I like my job though. It's really easy and the people are really easy to get along with. I don't necessarily love everyone there, but everyone is nice enough and I can smile and move on, ya know. My managers are really nice, well almost all of them, and the people in my department are really easy to work with. It's cold though. In and out of the coolers is cold cold cold. The customers annoy me sometimes though. I am glad I don't work directly with them much. This lady today, as I was bringing in carts, was trying to get two apart and very loudly and obviously directed at me says "I wish they wouldn't put these together like this, you can't get em' apart." Oh yes because I would love to bring each cart into the store one by one. What does she think we are going to do? It was annoying. I just forget how rude and nasty people can be when I am cooped up on Oxford Street and I have to let a lot that I see roll off my shoulders. Like the lady who got out of her car with three kids and only one was in a car seat. I was talking to her because I told her she reminded me of myself. I said "I have a four, two and nine month old." She says "Oh thats exactly how old they are." After she walked away I realized I didn't see her unbuckle them or anything. There weren't any careseats in her car. The baby was in a bucket seat thank God or she might have been left to roll around in the back floor boards. People annoy me greatly. I was talking about having my babies at home tonight and I just love the looks I get. People think I am crazy, but I don't care. I feel sorry for them. I think they are crazy for pumping their babies full of narcotics for no reason so there! Ha.

I have to take McLovin to puppy school tomorrow and we've hardly done any homework this week. I've got to start being a better trainer. I always say that though and I never get better at anything. I always think to myself "I've gotta (fill in the blank) " But do I? nope. I think it makes me a bad person. but then I think that I just don't care. Then I know it makes me a bad person.

I ordered yarn this week. It's lucious. I want to kiss it and hug it and roll around all over it. I know... I'm weird. I am a knit-aholic and there are no meetings so I will never get better and that's all there is to it. I was going to take a picture and post it so everyone could be jealous over my beautiful woolen yarns, but I do not have the patience, or the energy to do that. I know everyone is SO disappointed. I keep typing SO in capital letters. I guess for emphasis, but I don't know why. Sorry for that too. I am very tired and I guess I will go to bed now.

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