Friday, February 1, 2008

Blessings in life

After many attempts I finally got a few semi-decent pictures of my new haircut. It's kind of a mess today, but I like it a lot.

Our internet has been down for a few days. I thought my world might end. How sad. Finally it's back working today and I can waste away slowly while composing meaningless blogs.

I have been trying to think of things that I am thankful of lately because so much has been bringing me down. I am blessed by three beautiful, smart, healthy children. They are a handful, but I can't imagine a day without them. I can't even remember what it was like without them here. It's weird. I must have been one boring person. I am also thankful to be so well off. Now of course that means something different to me than it would some. I don't mean financially, well, entirely. We are by no means living the life of wealth, but we do not suffer. God provides for us everything we need and many luxuries. Often I think of my selfishness and contentment with that around me. How can I not be happy? I have everything I need and more. I should be just satisfied with what is so. I am thankful for my family around me. My friend Jeni who listens to my rants, Sarah who doesn't think I am crazy when I ask her to take me children away in the middle of a breakdown. Denise and Amanda and Mary and all the others I haven't named who are there at the drop of a hat whenever I would need them. My mother and father in law, who are such wonderful people and show me love that parents are supposed to show their children. For teaching me how to love Christ and many other things. For always being there when we need them and loving us unconditionally. I am thankful for puzzle books. I know that sounds silly to most everyone, but after my kids are in bed and I am snuggled up under the covers I love to get out my books and do a good Crossword or Word puzzle. I know it's old-ladyish, but I don't care. I am thankful to have something to do that I can just be calm and unwind and helps me keep my brain working. I am thankful for yarn. No wait. I am thankful for sheep that make the yarn. God sure knew what he was doing there. I love the feel of a good wool yarn. I love knitting up something and it turning out so nice. I love knitting up something and it not turning out so nice... it helps me learn. I am thankful for extra sugar free gum. It is my savior through the day... scratch that... 2nd savior through the day. When I want to sit around and snack I just chew chew chew. It's only 5 calories a piece. Sure I'd rather have a handful of Doritos or a cookie, but I also would like my waistline back so I'm thankful I've got some gum. I am thankful for so many other things that this blog couldn't possibly have room for. Some are silly like puzzle books, some are amazing like in-laws. It doesn't matter. It helps me knowing that life is good no matter the struggles that go on within it.

My dear friend Miriam had her third daughter yesterday evening. I wanted to be there so badly, and I found out I missed it by 40 stinking minutes. I wanted to cry. Lucky for me many babies are coming and I can hopefully be there to witness those beautiful births. I am thankful that women allow me to be there during such an intimate time in their lives. I cannot wait to get through school and trek through hell to become a midwife. I get chills thinking about it now and I know it's years away. Ah well, soon enough I suppose, soon enough.

Happy Birthday little Evangeline Ruby!

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