Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well I am actually impressed with how things went back to normal so quickly. It was almost like Jacob wasn't home for a month. This week has been pretty nice. Everyone has done their assigned chores and without hesitation. I hope it continues to be a smooth road. It's been nice not looking at a dirty kitchen every day and piles and piles of crap everywhere all the time. I felt overwhelmed. Like I couldn't get out from under the work that always needed done. It's been nice to sit in the evenings and breathe. Also, now I can actually pay attention to my kids without thinking in the back of my mind how I should be doing this or that. I am starting a bit of preschool things with Sophia and Simeon at home this week, and I plan on having the little boy I watch be a part of it too. We are thinking that we will send Sophia to Becky for Kindergarten at the daycare next year even though she won't be old enough yet (12 days too young!), and then taking it from there with what to do about her actual schooling. If we cannot get her into the Oaks Academy, I will probably cry and then do some serious praying for the strength to be a great homeschooling mother. I will not send her to IPS in one million years. I will grit my teeth and bare homeschool every second of every day before I send her, Simeon, or Alice to school 78.

Jacob got me a new wedding ring set for Christmas this year. I lost my old set on my way to take it to get fixed about 2 years ago. I still want to cry everytime I think about it. Anyway, I got to pick my new set and had to send it to get sized. It finally came in today and I went and picked it up. I am so happy. I have wanted a new ring ever since the day I lost mine. It felt wierd not wearing a ring. I wore Jacob's band until this very day and I am pleased to give it back to him. (hopefully after the biggest loser he'll be able to wear it again.)


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Nate and Amanda said...

Wow! I love the decoration on the ring - can't wait to hear it in person.