Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good News

They did an ultrasound before doing anything further today at the breast cancer place and determined it is only a sebaceous cyst. Apparently the men in my family like to get weird bumps that mimic serious things only to point and say, "Ha Ha it was only a cyst!"

I know I was worried for probably nothing, but there is no better feeling than for the doctor to say "you are fine, have a nice day." Hopefully we can start over with the first of February and get a pretty lame year going here.

Also, while I am here I want to inform the general public... or Amanda and possible Dave the lone readers of my blog... The best time to clean your house is in the middle of the night. I just spent one hour and I got the kitchen clean, a load of laundry folded (and taken upstairs, which is the true miracle), two loads almost done, the dining room clean and swept (a rare occurrence), the living room looks like a living room and now I am doing mindless nothings on the computer to complete my evening. I know it's one in the morning, but I get to wake up to a clean house and actually do something semi-fun tomorrow. I have a ton of sewing to do and I think I will drag it all out and get something done. I can't wait to have something to show for this mess of a room and ridiculous amount of fabric. :) Also, I am getting my hair cut again tomorrow. I know it's only been a month, but they totally didn't cut enough off last time and I am going for the Gold! Jacob isn't terribly happy about it, but I know he loves me and he will get over my short hair for a little while, as I always let it grow out so I can donate it.

And last but not least I will leave you with this conversation:

As I was changing Simeon for bed last night, he crawled to the other side of the bed, determined not to not wear a diaper or pajamas as this would clearly prevent him from actually having to go to bed. He sits up and begins to... "discover himself" (I imagine foreskin it quite the intriguing thing as his age) Jacob and I are kinda laughing because, well it's funny. Jacob finally says Sim stop that man.

To which Simeon replies, "You... got...be...kiddin...me..... Duuude."

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Nate and Amanda said...

So glad to hear it's just a cyst ;) Please tell Jacob that you have had enough surprises lately ;) Simeon is funny. Did he get to sleep naked?