Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A. S. -- After Spleen

Well Jacob is out of surgery and doing fine. The surgery went well and as planned. They were able to do it laproscopicly and so he should be able to go home tomorrow. He is still pretty out of it, but I guess that is to be expected. It is so hard to know what to expect when you are planning for something like this. I knew what it would be like, but it's always harder when you are actually going through it. I hate seeing him like this. I just hate it. I hate not being able to help him. I hate that it will take a couple of weeks before he's going to feel half way normal.

We did get a glimpse of good ol' Jake in the recovery area though. I went out to get his mother and let her see him. The nurse said "Ah, Jacob who is this lovely young lady here to see you." Jacob, in his Jacob way said "where's this young lady? all I see is this old woman here." It wasn't much, but it's good to see his sense of humor wasn't locked up in his spleen somewhere.

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