Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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I set up the crib in our room a few nights ago and Alice has transitioned from the bassinet into it. She has been sleeping better in it, but maybe that's just a fluke. Last night she wouldn't go to sleep and so I finally turned her over and patted her bottom. The whole night I was paranoid about her being asleep on her stomach. It's funny how these things get ingrained into us.

Jacob's surgery is tomorrow. I am so incredibly nervous, but trying not to be. With Simeon's the waiting wasn't so bad because a) the surgery wasn't near as long and b) I had Jacob to keep me sane (somewhat). Who is going to keep me sane while he's under? I hate not knowing what to expect. I hate that he's going to be in pain and there's nothing I can do to fix it. I am just praying to God and putting my trust in Him. God is sovereign.

Winter has finally hit us. I dislike snow so much it isn't even describle in words how much I hate it. Simeon apparently did not inhereit this trait from me. He is a little snow bunny. We went sled riding at Ellenberger Park on Sunday and both of the kids loved it. It was my first time and also Simeon's. I admit, apart from the cold and being in the snow, it was pretty fun.

Simeon's follow up with the surgeon is today. I am slightly aggravated because I have to find childcare and borrow a car and drive all the way to St. Vincents hospital. I expect to wait and wait and then be seen for 2 seconds so the doctor can say "yep he looks good, any questions? Thank you, you'll get my incredibly large bill in the mail soon. Have a nice day." Ok so maybe he won't say that last part, but it is still true.

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Nate and Amanda said...

Praying for Jacob and your family!