Friday, November 23, 2007

Who doesn't love 5 am shopping?

I am so excited. I was at Toys R Us for 2 hours this morning, and I am so excited about it.

Jacob and I had talked and talked about what to get the kids for Christmas this year. We don't like to get them just a bunch of... well, crap. We don't do Santa. Christmas is about the birth of Christ, not some creepy fat guy dressed in red and coming into our house in the middle of the night through the chimney. We really wanted to get them something big and nice that they could share. Something they could get good use out of that would last a while. Something that wasn't going to be thrown to the floor two days after Christmas and lost in the choas that is their bedrooms. Do you know how hard it is to think of something that fits that criteria?

Last night while looking at the black friday ads and watching tv I saw it. The perfect gift for our kids. I went to Toys R Us this morning at 5 and got them a brand new swing set for only $75. It is just one with the basic metal frame, but it has three swings, a slide, an air glide, and a teeter totter. They are just going to love it. I just really feel like it is the perfect gift.
The hard thing is they won't be able to use their biggest Christmas present until it's warmer, but I still feel like it was the perfect thing to get them. It will last a while and all of them, even Alice, will enjoy it come springtime.

I also got Simeon on of those little tykes basketball goals for his bedroom, and him and Sophie both a pair of slippers. I went to Sears to get Sophia's single "big" present, but they were out of them. It wasn't that big a deal and I got flannel sheets for my king sized bed for only twenty bucks. I have wanted them forever so I finally bought some. I also got a great picture frame for when I get their Christmas pictures back. It has three small slots on top and an 8x10 on the bottom. It's exactly what I wanted. I got it for $12, regular $30. I would have liked to have gone to Target and Steve and Barry's, but I had to get back home to my kids. Toys R Us took a lot longer than I expected (I have no idea why I thought I would get out of there faster.) Jacob volunteered to work today and my brother got up with Sophia when she woke up so I had to get home and rescue him. Even though I didn't get to stay out as long as I would have wanted, I am still pretty happy that I got to go and get what I did get. The kids will be thrilled and I am too. Now to just figure out what to do with it for a month...

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