Friday, November 16, 2007

Let the recovery begin

Simeon's neurosurgeon just came out and told us that he was done. He said everything was fine and we should be able to go and see him very soon. He said it was not a granuloma like they thought, but only a cyst of some kind. (He told me, but I can't remember) So he doesn't have to have the bone scan or anything else. He said it shouldn't come back and the hole they drilled in his skull should heal itself completely over the next 4 or 5 months. Thank you everyone for the prayers and thoughts. We will be home tomorrow and I will get some pictures of Frankenstein up on the blog.


Dave Price said...

Great News!

Glad to hear everything went smoothly. You guys need anything? If you like we can bring dinner down tonight, or you can join us if everyone is up to it.

Nate and Amanda said...

Oh how exciting to have a new blog to read!!! I am glad that Simeon is doing well and to hear that things are okay.


Lisa Bowling said...

I got here through the Hubartts blog. I learned more about Jakes disease than I knew before. I might figure out this blog thing while I'm at home with my leg up! I was so happy to have Simeon as my visitor at the hospital Saturday and Sunday!