Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I used to hate Thanksgiving. With all my heart and soul I would loathe the fourth Thursday in November. It meant that we all had to get up and fight over space in the smallest bathroom in the world so we could trot off to Grandma's house. There we would sit, more bored than anyone should ever have to be. We would eat a lot of food, most of which is disgusting. I mean Come on. Green Bean casserole? Really? Then we would all sit around some more, still bored, but now also feeling as if we could blow chunks any second. My family is annoying and listening to their ridiculousness for hours on end was purely just torture.

Now I don't have to do that. I get to decide where I want to be on Thanksgiving. This morning Jacob and I took our kids and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then we came home and I finally did the dishes. I know, excited about dishes, I must have issues. Later I am going to my mother in law's for dinner and we will come home and I will work on my living room. No boring traditions of sitting around for no good reason. I love it.

Also, the best reason for Thanksgiving... The day after. Yes, I am one of those nut jobs that likes to go shopping on Black Friday. I stopped and got a paper on the way home and I can't wait to sit down with Sophie and look through the ads tonight. Jake has to work tomorrow, but if I can get out and back before he has to be there at 7 and then take him to work... It all just might work. Strategizing the game plan is my favorite part. Last year I had been to three stores and was eating breakfast at McDonalds by 7:30. Of course, I am not going for anything major. I won't line up at 2 am in the cold outside of Target. It just aint happening. I go for cheap sweaters for my kids, or other stuff we might need and can get really cheap on this one very special day of the year.

I usually decorate for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving too, but since we are mid wallpaper removal at the moment, I don't think that will be happening. I am hoping to have the room painted over the weekend, but I don't know. I really want to get the refinance done so we can pay for the furniture and stuff to make the room complete. So far I have only gotten paint stuff, and new wall sconces. The curtains I really want at Lowe's were $20 a panel. I can't pay that. Hey, maybe Joann's will have a great sell on Decorator fabrics tomorrow. :)

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